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Understanding Healthcare Commercial Property Needs...

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Founder, Burt Arthur

About Us

Founder of Artos Partners, Burt Arthur, has always been a visionary and a big-time doer.

After investing himself whole-heartedly, exclusively into the dentistry niche for almost twenty years, working with many organizations (ie: Northcutt Dental) and after assisting many, many more businesses scale to phenomenal levels of success, he gained a new vision across the healthcare board. 

One, specifically, within real estate. What he noticed, after observing it often and over time, was the impact that a perfect commercial property has on the initial thriving and longevity of business successes.

See, Mr. Arthur had been implementing systems and advising business locations for a great deal of time, even working with the doctors to help them build award-winning teams and cultures, and his consult became invaluable to its recipients. Still, an excellent commercial property that is perfect for the business and its goals and its team nearly has no parallel.

So, as the old saying goes, “Location, location, location,” remains a vital key. Vital enough that Mr. Arthur began dedicating himself with the same energy and spirit that almost two decades received directly into the new direction - commercial properties - with a focus on healthcare business needs.

That was then. Nowadays, the mission to achieve best locations for healthcare professionals is edifying many doctors’ leadership, because of perfect fitting properties working best for patients, the staffs, the businesses and the communities.

The vision that was, now, is impacting office locations throughout the Southeast and continues to expand its reach. 

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