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Purchase vs Lease?

At Artos Partners, we follow a rather fun approach...

Some excellent information is that practice purchases and sale leasebacks are amongst the options, and, still, investing in new property may just be what brings the greatest ROI of all. So the first step is evaluating the ten-year business goal, the market and what is going to be the best overall option for years of success ahead.

  • We like to begin within one of three categories:


Leasing options exist for doctors today and there is fact and practice finding, along with vendor relations and negotiations - we do all of this for you and more. During which time we work with you so closely that you know everything that is going on in your deal.


If making an investment in commercial property, certain special considerations may apply, such as expansion opportunities. The goal that you have shared with us is the focus of our design and this is what we do. We discover locations and opportunities for your vision to occur within a community.


If purposing major moves in a marketplace, all factors are present for a best result overall. This is where key expertise comes into play in crucial measures. If selling or expanding, either way, the playing field is firm. This is where the Artos Partners’ team and network shines brightest.

Services You Can Trust

Our team specializes in how to finance, negotiate, vendor select, partner select, and build the design and foundation of a ten-year picture. If that is what a doctor seeks, they need look no further. This is where that happens.







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Practice Buyer Assistance Plan

This is an A-to-Z package. Where we set you up, 100%, fully for success. Done for you, if you are maybe starting out or just need to be refreshed, this is the environment because of the assistance and service you will be receiving. We are going to put you in position with all the right guidance, documents, connections and materials. The process brings the result and we are supporting you in every phase.





We take the challenges off the table

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Share a little about your goals & business, and one of our team members will contact you shortly.

We respect your email privacy